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4065457086. Did a telemarketer call you from this number? Use our report a call form to warn others, and tell you if the call may have violated the TCPA or FDCPA and owes you damages! Minimum $500 per call by law. Don’t worry we do the work for you, just report the call!

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Posted 3 months ago


Comments: Jason from American Solar has called me from a few different numbers each day for the past three days. Told him today this is a NDC number. He hung up quickly.

Type of phone line: Landline/VoIP Business
Type of call: Live person
Call characteristics: Audible Delay or sounds of automation
Intention of call: Solicitation
Selling: Solar Power
Moved/ported a number in the last 15 days: No
Done business or had any association with this company in the past: No
Name of the company: American Solar
Date of call:
Time of call: 09:30

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Posted 1 year ago


Comments: My Phone # is private and it being used to Cold Call me is a direct personal violation of my Privacy. Only those that I want to have my # have it.

Type of phone line: Mobile/Cellular Personal
Type of call: No one on line/Hung up
Intention of call: Unknown
Requested not to be called by this company in the past: No
Moved/ported a number in the last 15 days: No
Done business or had any association with this company in the past: No
Name of the company: Unknown
Website for the company: Unknown
Date of call:
Time of call: 06:30

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