Overwhelmed with Telemarketing calls?

We all get them. Unwanted robocalls at the most inopportune time. We all want the same thing. To make them stop. But nothing seems to work. Asking to be put on their Do Not Call List or saying "not interested" does not seem to help. Most people do not know that most telemarketing calls are being done illegally. And even the few that do know still do not have the time, money or experience to fight them.

Don't hang up too fast. That company may be required to pay damages.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act article 47USC. 227(b)3 states that a private citizen can take action against the telemarketer and demand damages of $500-$1500 for every violation of the TCPA.

Telemarketers really have to pay a minimum of $500 for just one call?

Congress knew with the thousands of call centers making millions of calls per day that it would be too enormous an endeavor to regulate by any government agency. Therefore they gave every consumer in America authority to demand damages for every illegal call they receive. Think of it as a fine established to thwart telemarketers, but the fine is payable to the consumer.

How can We Stop Telemarketers help me go after them?

WeStopTelemarketers.com is owned and operated by Legal Advocacy for Victims, LLP. A law firm that specializes in pursuing illegal telemarketers. When you fill out our report a call form it will tell you if you appear to have an illegal call based on the criteria you have entered. If you are a registered WeStopTelemarketers.com member, you will be able to simply submit that call for investigation with one click. If our law firm takes the case we will contact you. Remember there is never any cost to you.

How much will they have to pay?

Although the minimum statutory penalty is $500, this could be adjusted higher or lower depending on how the claim proceeds. Some defendants will offer a lower amount to settle quickly, some may wish fight and take the claim to court where they may be found guilty of will fully making the calls and thus be required to pay $1,500 per call.

Will I have to pay anything?

There is never any out of pocket cost to you. So you will never pay a penny. The attorneys pay for all investigative work, filing fees, process serving, etc. They only get paid if there is a settlement on your behalf. There is also no cost to be a WeStopTelemarketers.com member, this is a free service and registration is only required so the attorneys have your valid contact information.

Do all calls reported receive a settlement?

Unfortunately, no. Since you are on this site you already understand that these callers are very evasive. They use unlisted numbers, use generic names on the phone and are very difficult to pin down for information. You need to be attentive in order to get the information the attorney needs to file suit. Most successful clients are the ones that are able to obtain tangle evidence that links the company to the call. E.g., an email, fax, or website.